Which means of ‘development’

Development suggests methods, systems, and devices which are the delayed consequence of intelligent getting the hang of being used for sensible purposes.

Development is advancing speedy.


They should be allowed to believe that more affordable headways will be made.

…nuclear weapons development.


Word structures: plural technologists

countable thing

…the scientists and technologists that we will prerequisite for what’s to come.

development in British


the utilization of down to earth sciences to industry or exchange


the procedures, theory, and takes a shot at supervising such application

a significantly made development


the total learning and capacities open to any human culture for industry, workmanship, science, etc

advancement in American


the science or examination of the sensible or mechanical articulations, applied sciences, etc.


the terms used in a science, etc.; particular wording


applied science


a system, process, etc for managing a specific particular issue


the structure by which an overall population outfits its people with those things required or needed

We have the data and the advancement.


Technology in the hands of businessmen

The maker said it didn’t comment on future advancement in its vehicles.

He also needs to get a handle on new advancement such voice affirmation.

It runs a movement of distinctions and awards programs that attempt to encourage adolescents to look for after science and development subjects.

The rooms are super-chill and stacked off with present day enrichments and development.

It is extremely monotonous to organize medieval data for taking care of with present day progressions.

There will in like manner be also financing for those running choice apprenticeship plans including science, advancement and building.

China has a strong energy for exchanging nuclear advancement and in keeping insider realities,’ he said.

We may well recall 2009 as an earnest extremely important occasion for the development business in the UK.

They simply expected to use what advancement was available.

COBUILD Collocations


grasp a development

apply a development

PC development

cutting edge development

send development

make development

propelled development

handle development

engine development

existing development

target line development

green development

cream development

improve development

present development

present development

restorative development

present day development

nuclear development

affirmation development

limitless development

smart development

space development

test a development

use development

video development

wearable development

remote development

Near to articulations of ‘development’





development understanding

development division


Related Terms of ‘development’


DCC development

sustenance development

quality development

high development

low development


Development, the use of sensible figuring out how to the practical purposes of human life or, as it is once in a while expressed, to the change and control of the human condition.

The subject of development is treated in different articles. For general treatment, see development, history of; hand gadget. For depiction of the materials that are both the thing and techniques for controlling nature, see elastomers; mechanical ceramic generation; present day glass; metallurgy; mineral store; mineral getting ready; mining; plastic. For the period of imperativeness, see essentialness change; coal mining; coal use; oil creation; oil refining. For treatment of sustenance creation, see agribusiness, history of; plant money related perspectives; beekeeping; ale; oat developing; coffee; business calculating; dairy developing; refined soul; sustenance protecting; natural item developing; creatures developing; poultry developing; soft drink; tea; vegetable developing; wine. For the frameworks of improvement advancement, see interface; building improvement; channels and inland courses; dam; harbors and sea works; signal; lanes and interstates; sections and underground unearthings; regular works. For the creation and plan of the strategies for transportation, see plane business; vehicle industry; dispatch advancement. For correspondences advancement, see broadcasting; programming designing; information taking care of; photography; printing; photoengraving; typography; media transmission. For the systems and consequences of other gathering organizations, see stick; dress and footwear industry; shading; perilous; floor covering; officer administration; invention industry; man-made fiber; surface covering; papermaking; chemical and chemical; material. For helpful employments of development, see examination; therapeutics; cure; medicate, history of; pharmaceutical industry. For military applications, see military advancement. For treatment of the relationship of inventive structures, see robotization; building; age system; structures planning;

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